Numu Consulting

Numu Consulting نموّ is a strategy and management consulting firm serving in the MENA region

  • We are a strategy and management consulting firm serving leading companies, governments, institutions, and non-profit organizations mainly in the MENA region.
  • We aspire to help our clients solve their most difficult management challenges and improve their strategy, organization and operations.
  • We offer customized world class strategy consulting services that combine deep knowledge of the region’s dynamics and international management standards.
  • We rely on a network of 500 international experts, operating in different sectors and with proven international experience in their respective fields. Numu Consulting نمو ensures a diversified network, at the cultural and sectoral level.
  • Based initially in Dubai and Tunis, Numu Consulting نمو mainly covers the MENA region. New projects are under development in Sub-Saharan Africa.